Falhx Six carpet tickets

Falhx Six carpet tickets

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Easy Wipe Clean Simple TRANSLUCENT Festival Family Party Placemats set of 6

The table mats size is about 16.9*11 inch. As a simple water proof parties placemats, it is more lightweight and easy to e than cloth placemats or a traditional textile placemat.

2.Crumbs & Water resistant placemats
For non-woven placemats, the steam from a hot plate will not have a chance to go through table mats and create moisture and sometimes stickiness underneath.
So you dont have to wipe down the table after every use.
Besides, this kind of placemats and coasters is more easy to clean for the flat surface.
You know the fabric mats may have a lot tiny holes where the food crumbs, water and oils will stuck in them.

3.Multipurpose placemats,coasters
As a traditional table placemat, simple parties accessories snacks place mats, cabinet glasses mat, or shelve mats are also ok.
Kitchen cabinets mat can stop water and dust from bowls, plates and other kitchenware at the same time protecting the case.
Placing under often moving objects in the kitchen can avoid the desktop scratches.
Enough quantity for most family to use.
Perfect for kids who spill their food very often.
Translucent background with big decent flower goes perfect with most kitchens.

+++Please note, althought these tables mats are sturdy, it will be not a good idea to contact with a hot pot immediately when you just finished your cooking.+++
+++This is a simple placemats set not a luxury royal style thick place mats.+++

4.Christmats party placemats
Enough quantity, Waterproof, No crumbs stuck in, No liquids/oils leak thru, Easy clean, Bright color wipeable placemat for multipurpose use.
Why dont get one table mats set for festivals, Xm. , Thanksgiving Day, Xmas, friends/family gatherings dinner party?

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